Your Easy Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Are you moving out of leased property in Adelaide? Are you done with all the end of lease cleaning chores? As per the tenancy laws, a tenant has to return the property in its original state for the sake of the bond money. It is important to pass the final rental inspection, which is conducted by landlords and property managers.

Regardless of the size and type of the property, make sure you thoroughly clean and disinfect it, or else you could lose your security deposit. Since move-out cleaning or end of lease cleaning involves expertise, make sure you hire the best company for an attention-to-detail end of lease cleaning in Adelaide.

With the right tools and techniques, they can transform the entire look and feel of your rental apartment or house without giving a hint of stress. The best part is that they clean according to the standard checklist approved by REISA while keeping your specific cleaning needs in mind to give you quality service.

However, some people still want to do it themselves to save those extra dollars. If you are also running out of your budget, have a look at the article. It includes a complete move-out cleaning checklist which is easy and effective for those who are doing it for the first time.

Let’s Get Started!

Before getting into the process, it is good to gather all the necessary cleaning supplies. This includes microfiber cloths, duster, mop, vacuum cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, brushes, sponges, spray bottle, buckets, etc so that you can remove dust, stains and grime quickly and easily.

1. Living Area and Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

It is always good to prepare a plan and include all those areas that need deep cleaning at the end of your lease. Most professional end of lease cleaners in Adelaide spruce up from the top of the room and then move downwards. The top-to-bottom cleaning system can help you cover every nook and cranny mentioned in the cleaning checklist below:

  • Remove collected dust and grime from air vents and ceiling fans.
  • Dust light fixtures and fittings.
  • Get rid of cobwebs, marks and stains from walls.
  • Wipe down switchboards, picture frames, shelves, baseboards, etc.
  • Eliminate dust and grime from window glasses, sills, frames, blinds and curtains.
  • Cleaning and polishing mirrors
  • Clean and disinfect doors and doorknobs.
  • Changing bed sheets, pillow covers. Washing old ones in hot water.
  • Vacuuming mattress
  • Cleaning side tables
  • Vacuum Cleaning Carpets and Rugs
  • Sweeping and Mopping hard surfaces and floors.

Tip: Use microfiber cloths to collect dirt from a variety of surfaces. It will make your job a bit easier without letting the dust fall on carpets and upholstery furniture.

2. Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

A kitchen is one of the dirtiest places in a house because it harbours several harmful bacteria and germs that cause serious health issues. While moving out of a rental property, make sure you thoroughly clean and disinfect your kitchen to impress the fussy landlord. Here is a simple move-out cleaning checklist for your kitchen:

  • Start with the exhaust fan, ceiling fan and walls
  • Clean cupboards, drawers and cabinets (inside, out and on the top)
  • Eliminate grease and grime from stovetop, and knobs
  • Remove food splatters, oil stains, grime and other stains from your countertops
  • Wipe off the backsplash.
  • Clean large kitchen appliances inside and out. This includes microwave, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher.
  • Remove dirt underneath the fridge, dishwasher and other appliances.
  • Clean windows, blinds, light switches and baseboards.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting sink and faucets
  • Emptying and disinfecting garbage can
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors.

3. Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

Your bathroom is the breeding ground for dangerous germs and bacteria. If you want to pass the final inspection and file for bond refund, consider this cleaning checklist:

  • Clean an exhaust fan and walls
  • Wipe down showerhead, shower glass, bathtubs and soap holder
  • Remove soap residues from the tiles
  • Wipe down light fixtures, fittings and baseboards
  • Clean the tile grout
  • Sanitise sink, faucets, and towel rails
  • Polish mirrors
  • Clean and sanitise toilet seat and area behind it.
  • Disinfect doorknobs and other high-touch areas
  • Mop the floor.

If you don’t know the right ways to treat tough stains like soap residue or grease, hire professionals for the best end of lease cleaning in Adelaide. They will clean everything with precision to help you get your bond back without any dispute.

4. Other Important Areas

Do not forget the areas like:

Garbage: Remove cobwebs, accumulated dust and debris from walls and mop your floors.

Patio Area: Thoroughly clean your patio area to get rid of loose dirt and grime.

Laundry Room: Clean from top-to-bottom manner to get rid of dust, dirt, debris and tough stains from hard surfaces, cabinets, washing machine, faucets and floors.


Follow this move-out cleaning checklist and increase the chance of passing the final rental inspection. You should also check the changes in Rental Laws due to COVID- 19 before making any preparatons. For a stress-free experience, you can also hire a company which can perform the best end of lease cleaning in Adelaide and help you get the bond amount back without any rental dispute.


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