Is It Really Worth To Hire Professional Bond Cleaning Services?

The end of a tenancy is a stressful and worrisome period for most tenants. They have to manage a move and leave the property in the same reasonably clean condition it was in when they moved in, excluding fair wear and tear. The final clean is a major responsibility and your execution of this task decides whether you receive a complete bond repayment.

Most lessees who paid a bond at the start of a tenancy hire bond cleaning experts in Gold Coast to manage this vital activity. Taking professionals’ assistance is a practical solution but before you book them, make sure you understand why outsourcing the final clean is worth it.

Here is your complete guide outlining the reasons why you should seriously consider availing bond cleaning services for your rental property.

DIY Bond Cleaning is not always a Viable Option

Landlords and property managers cannot force lessees to hire professional bond cleaners in Gold Coast but, it doesn’t mean DIY cleaning is a viable option for you to claim a full bond refund. The property needs to be in the same state it was in at the time of occupancy. Therefore, if the landlord or previous tenant had the real estate cleaned by bond cleaning experts, then you are obligated to do the same.

Ask your landlord to share a copy of the bill to confirm professionals performed bond cleaning before you moved in and plan for the final clean-up accordingly. The bill would also help you know what additional services you need to avail to get your bond back in full.

Reputed Cleaners Offer Bond Back Guarantees

One of the prime reasons why availing a professional service for bond cleaning in Gold Coast is beneficial is that most reputed cleaners offer a bond back guarantee. The bond amount can be up to four weeks of rent if your weekly rent is $700 or less, and it can be no fixed amount if the weekly rent is over $700. Therefore, it is a wise move to take the assistance of professionals who can increase your chances of getting a complete bond refund.

Professionals offer bond back guarantee, clean rental properties as per an REIQ-approved checklist. Plus, after the job is done, they offer to re-clean as many times as required until the guarantee period is over. The assurance duration can vary from company to company, but the standard period is five to seven days.

Professionals Help You Save Time, Energy & Effort

Everyone has personal and professional commitments that leave them with little to no time for undertaking the strenuous task of bond cleaning. But it is an important activity, and by availing professionals bond cleaning services in Gold Coast, you can save tonnes of time, energy and effort.

Professionals have the experience, quality products and high-performance equipment to deep clean houses and apartments within a stipulated time. Additionally, they use professional techniques to get optimum results and know how to clean rental properties according to original condition reports.

Availing Professional Cleaning Service is Economical

Contrary to popular belief, availing professional bond cleaning services in Gold Coast is an economical option and here are the reasons.

  • Professionals charge you by the hour and most complete bond cleaning within a few hours. Tenants can take days to complete this task, meaning they would have to take time off work which is not feasible.
  • Professionals have superior cleaning products and equipment, which can be expensive to buy or rent for non-specialists.
  • Professionals increase your chances of getting a complete bond repayment, but when you clean yourself, the risk of losing your security deposit is high.

You Can Focus on Other Moving-Related Tasks

When you book professionals for managing the end of lease cleaning, it is easier to focus on other moving-related tasks. You don’t have to stress about getting cleaning supplies, follow a checklist, or find the time to complete the final clean-up.

Thus, you can have your belongings moved by professional removalists in Gold Coast and empty the rental property without stress for your hired cleaners. They can then do the necessary tasks to help you pass the final inspection and get your bond back in full. What’s more, availing professional bond cleaning service in Gold Coast would help escalate the moving process as there won’t be any delays.


Bond cleaning is a crucial activity every tenant who paid a bond at the start of a tenancy needs to perform. It is necessary for claiming your bond and moving out of a rental property successfully.

When you clean the property yourself, your chances of receiving a complete repayment of the security deposit are low. Therefore, it is best to avail professional bond cleaning services in Gold Coast. Also, it is worth hiring specialists for peace of mind and the various reasons shared above.

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