How to Claim a Residential Rental Bond at The End of Tenancy?

Residential rental bonds area vital part of tenancy in Tasmania and the common reason for disagreements between landlords and tenants. A rental bond is money that is paid by the tenant as a security deposit at the beginning of the lease term.

Although it is not mandatory, most landlords ask for it to ensure the tenant follows the lease terms. Also, it benefits them if the tenant is unable to clean the property thoroughly while vacating it. The landlord can claim a part of the bond if the house is not returned in the same condition in which it was at the beginning of the tenancy.

However, fair wear and tear is acceptable and does not lead to cuts in the bond. Thus, if you are a tenant who has been provided with the notice to vacate, then you must consider stepping up your game for bond cleaning in Hobart.

Most people prefer hiring professional cleaners for the job to avoid parting with their precious bond, which comes handy in covering the relocation expenses. Plus, it saves a lot of time and arduous effort that can be utilised in completing various other moving chores.

If you are getting into a lease agreement for the first time or are reaching the end of your first tenancy, then you must know everything about claiming the bond back in Hobart. Here is a rundown on the procedure.

How Are Rental Bonds Lodged Physically?

Every state in Australia has its laws for residential rental bonds. The maximum amount that can be charged as the bond is equal to four weeks of rent, and it cannot be increased during the lease term. If the landlord asks for more, then he can be fined for the same.

The bond is submitted to the Rental Deposit Authority (RDA) and is held by them until the end of the tenancy. The landlord provides a duly signed bond lodgement form to the tenant, and then the tenant is responsible for lodging it after signing the form.

If there is more than one tenant, then every individual contributes to the bond. Upon making the submission at a Service Tasmania Shop, the tenant gets a few copies of the receipt. One of these must be given to the landlord, and others must be kept safely as they are needed to claim the bond.

How are Rental Bonds Managed Online?

Residential rental bonds in Tasmania can also be managed online using My Bond. Both the parties must get registered on the site to begin the process. The landlord then fills out the bond lodgement form, which allows the tenant to make the payment online.

If the tenant needs support to pay the bond, he can opt for help from a deposit contributor. The list of contributors is available online, and only those can contribute who are approved by the Residential Tenancy Act Regulations. If you are paying a bond, then you will be provided with two copies of the condition report by the landlord.

It will have the details of the condition of the property on the day of the beginning of the lease. The tenant must examine the report and make changes if he finds any deviations in the document. One copy of the report must be signed and sent back to the landlord.

As a precautionary measure, you must take pictures along with the condition report to be used as a proof in case of a disagreement related to bond cleaning in Hobart. This is the reason why hiring professional bond cleaners at the end of the tenancy proves advantageous in getting the bond back without any disputes.

How to Claim Residential Rental Bonds at the End of Tenancy?

Tenants, bond contributors, property agents and landlords can claim the rental bond. However, the claim must be approved by all the parties involved. The tenant can make a claim after the end of the tenancy and if the landlord has not made a claim within three business days of the tenant moving out of the property.

The landlord can make a claim after the end of the lease term or after the tenant vacates the property. The deposit contributor can also make a claim if both the landlord and the tenant do not claim the bond.

If the landlord claims the bond, then he has to prove that he has incurred a financial loss due to an act committed by the tenant or someone present on the property with the tenant’s permission.

He can also claim if he has to bear a financial loss due to the inability of the tenant to comply with the terms of the lease agreement. For instance, if the tenant does not perform bond cleaning in Hobart and hands over a dirty property, then the landlord can claim the bond. The tenant can either approve the claim or dispute it within ten days after the landlord makesa claim.

How the Bond Gets Paid?

The tenant can go the My Bond login page and make a claim if the landlord has not done so already. You will have to fill out your bank account details and submit the claim. After the claim has been submitted, a notification from the RDA is sent to the landlord or the property manager informing them about the claim.

They can submit their response within seven days. If they approve the claim, then the money gets deposited in the bank account of the tenant. On the other hand, if they dispute it, then you are informed about it.

Reasons for Bond Dispute

Some of the common areas that lead to disagreement between the two parties are as follows:

  • Unpaid Rent – If the tenant has pending rental arrears, then the landlord can claim the bond by submitting proof of rent receipts and bank statements.
  • Loss Due To Early Termination of Lease – If the tenant decides to vacate the property before the end of the lease without informing the owner, then the tenant must pay the rent until the end date or up to the time a new tenant moves in. If it remains unpaid, then the landlord can claim the bond.
  • Cleaning of the Property – The tenant is obligated to hand over the property in the same condition in which it was received, barring fair wear and tear. To make sure the property owner/manager is satisfied with the cleaning, you must opt for professional bond cleaning in Hobart to get the bond back.
  • Damage to Property – If the tenant has damaged the residential property, then the owner can claim the bond by showing the required proof.
  • Mould and Pests – If the house is infested by mould and mildew or other pests which have damaged the walls and paint, then the landlord can claim the bond. Several reputed bond cleaning companies in Hobart offer pest removal services. You can add these special services to the checklist to protect your deposit.

Resolving Bond Disputes

The matter is referred to the Residential Tenancy Commissioner if the tenant disputes the claim made by the landlord or does not respond to it within 14 days. At this moment, a notification is sent to both the parties providing details of the dispute and asking for evidence.

The commissioner examines the requested information and makes a decision, which is known as the Determination. It outlines what part of the bond is to be paid to which party. Money that cannot be claimed by the owner is first paid to the deposit contributor and then to the tenant.


Claiming the residential rental bonds can become a cakewalk if you pay your rent on time and do not cause any damage to the rented property. Also, you must hire professional bond cleaners in Hobart to satisfy the property manager during the final inspection and avoid any disputes.

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