Cleaning Myths That Are Making Your Home Dirtier!

It takes a lot of time and elbow grease to keep a home clean and germ-free. Whether it is about vacuuming dirty carpets or removing mould and mildew from bathroom tiles, you need some great cleaning hacks to get the job done perfectly.

With tonnes of tips available on the internet, people often do more harm than good while sprucing up their home. There are plenty of cleaning myths that have no authenticity, but people are still following them to save time and energy.

Unfortunately, these myths are making your home dirtier. If you want to get the most out of your cleaning efforts, you should focus on reliable sources and stick to the basics, especially if you are at the end of your lease period.

Instead of considering any cleaning myth, it is good to hire professionals for the most reliable bond cleaning in Newcastle to get the full bond money back. Fully-trained cleaners have been cleaning properties for years, and they know how to treat stains, grease, grime and other debris from different surfaces.

If you also want to make your house look clean all day long, then debunk the following cleaning myths.

1. Bleach is A Multi-Purpose Cleaner

There is no denying the fact that bleach work wonders in removing tough stains and making surfaces whiter, but you can’t use them to clean all surfaces. It is a myth that bleach can clean everything because it only disinfects and kills germs but won’t remove build-up grease.

So, if you want to disinfect your sink or doorknobs, you can use a bleach solution. For thorough cleaning and stain removal task, you need to mix it with another active cleaning ingredient such as vinegar. However, it is advised to use bleach for cleaning & disinfecting different surfaces to get free from virus.

 Quick Tip: Use baking soda to get rid of tough stains, dirt and grime from surfaces like a bathtub, showerhead, kitchen countertops, etc. This will loosen up the dirt and makes your scrubbing job a bit easier.

2. Wiping Off Window Glass with Newspapers

Using newspapers to clean and wipe off mirrors and glasses is one of the most common cleaning myths that you should stop doing it as soon as possible.

When you use newspaper for cleaning window glasses, it will release the ink and leave streaks on the surface. This means the cleaning hack fails drastically.  So, try to avoid using newspapers while removing stains from mirrors and glasses.

Quick Tip: Professional bond cleaners in Newcastle recommend using rubbing alcohol and a microfiber cloth to achieve streak-free glass.

3. Polish Wooden Surfaces Weekly

Everyone wants clean and shiny wooden furniture and floors, but polishing them weekly is not the right hack. Too much polish or wax will make your wooden surface look dull.

Quick Tip: Instead, you can clean the wood with regular water on a microfiber cloth to get sparkling results.

4. Feather Duster Eliminates Dust

They look fluffy and soft but don’t work wonders when it comes to collecting dust and dirt particles. If you are planning to remove dust from your home, then avoid using a feather duster.

They just spread the harmful germs, dirt and dust around the surface rather than holding onto it. So, debunk this cleaning myth and consider something reliable and effective.

Quick Tip: Use a microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment when removing dust from surfaces. They can help you collect and hold onto dust- which will save you a lot of time and effort.

5.  Hairspray to Remove Ink Stains

This is another cleaning hack that used to be effective but is not anymore. The availability of alcohol in hairsprays can help you cut through ink so that you can remove it using a microfiber cloth in no time.

But, nowadays, hairsprays contain comparatively less alcohol or are alcohol-free to dry hair quickly and easily. So, do not try this hack because it will make your house look dirtier. Plus, it can leave residue on the surface.

Quick Tip: Use microfiber cloth dampened in rubbing alcohol to get rid of tough ink stains from surfaces.

6. Air Fresheners Can Improve Air Quality

This is also one of the popular cleaning myths that only make your room smell fresh after the spray. Most traditional air fresheners available on the Newcastle Market cover up the bad smell with a pleasant smell.

After the fragrance fades, the odour can return. Plus, it won’t clean the indoor air no matter how much you spray to get better results. The chemicals available in the air freshener products can even degrade the indoor air quality.

Quick Tip: Use natural methods to purify the air in your home. You can install air-purifying plants such as African violets or gardenias.

7. Buy Expensive Grout Cleaners to Clean Tiles

Expensive cleaning products flooded in the market contain harmful chemicals that can eat out your grout. Such products should be avoided, especially if you want to protect the environment as well as the well-being of your family.

Quick Tip: Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar and spray it on the affected area. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before applying baking soda paste on it. Use a brush to scrub off the grout and then rinse with water.


These are some popular cleaning myths you should avoid when cleaning your property, especially rental property, as some of them could make them dirtier. Instead, you can hire trained people for thorough bond cleaning in Newcastle or do thorough research before trying any new hack.




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