9 Kitchen Cleaning Secrets From Professional Cleaners

From oil splatters to food spills, built-up grease to bad odours, your kitchen gets dirty on a daily basis. It is one of the most complicated areas in the house to maintain and clean. You need time, a lot of energy and a set of proper tools to treat stubborn stains and grime from different spots.

Do not forget to hire certified experts who can perform a detailed end of lease cleaning in Sydney. They have years of experience in sprucing up even the dirtiest places in a property, such as a kitchen and a bathroom.

The best part is that professionals use proven methods and the latest cleaning equipment to give you the best possible results. In case you are looking for DIY cleaning tips to maintain the pristine look of your kitchen, then read the tips mentioned below. We have listed 9 kitchen cleaning secrets from professional cleaners that will give you sparkling clean outcomes like a pro.

Let’s Get started!

1. Make Cleaning a Routine

Regular cleaning makes a huge difference if you want to keep your kitchen organised and hygienic all day long. According to cleaning professionals, it is good to spend 20 minutes every day to spruce up your kitchen.

You can make a routine and keep this particular area of your home clean and organised. Wipe countertops after preparing your meal, wash dishes before going to bed, sweep and mop the floor daily.

Make sure you treat spills and splatters as soon as you encounter them using a natural cleaning agent. These are some basic tips that will help you in maintaining a flawless kitchen.

2. Try the Eye-Level Test Trick

This is one of the great secrets revealed by professional cleaners. To try this test, you need to get down to the equal level as the dirty surface or area you are sprucing. Once you get down, use light via a window or from an overhead light source. This will give you a reflective view of that particular surface.

Seeing the area at eye-level with the light will help you detect the little bits as well as tiny dust particles that you have missed while wiping the surface. You should try this trick to see how it works.

3. A DIY Stain Remover for A Natural Stone

Kitchen countertops are usually made of natural stones, such as granite and marbles. They are extremely delicate and can be damaged easily if you use harsh or abrasive chemicals. Don’t even use acidic cleaning products, such as white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and lemon.

Instead, you can prepare an eco-friendly stain remover for kitchen countertops at home. Mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and dishwashing soap in an empty spray bottle. Apply it t0 the affected area. Leave it for 10 minutes and give a quick wipe using a damp microfiber cloth.

4. Use Vinegar to Clean A Glass-Top Stove

Glass cooktops can add a sleek look to your kitchen. They come without the stress of cleaning or replacing burner grates or drip pans. However, cleaning the top of stove is one of the complicated chores. Most people end up damaging their beautiful glass-top stove using abrasive chemicals and tools.

Here is a quick guide from a professional cleaner to help you bring back the lost shine of this gorgeous kitchen appliance in no time.

  • Let the glass cooktop cool completely.
  • Spray diluted white vinegar on the surface
  • Wipe the liquid away from the surface using a damp microfiber cloth
  • Buff any residue and streaks with a dry cloth.
  • For tough stains, sprinkle one teaspoon of baking soda and let it sit for a while
  • Wipe the surface again
  • Dry it completely.

Note: If you are preparing your rental property for the final inspection, book the best end of lease cleaning company in Sydney in advance to save your bond money.

5. Steam Clean Your Microwave

Many professionals use this trick to remove built-up grease, grime, burnt food particles and other debris from microwaves. You can also try this hack because it requires no elbow grease:

  • Mix 2 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Pour this mixture into a microwavable bowl.
  • Heat a bowl on high power for 2-3 minutes.
  • Do not open the door for 10 minutes. This will allow the steam to break down stubborn stains and grime.
  • Wipe the surface of your microwave using a damp microfiber cloth.

6. Scrub Your Sink With Baking Soda

First, wash dirty dishes and get rid of loose food particles and other debris from your sink. After that, apply the baking soda paste and let it sit for 10 minutes. Scrub the surface using a magic eraser or you can also use a scrubber. Buff the entire sink with a microfiber cloth to restore its shine and gloss.

7. Treat Hard Water Deposits

You can easily remove hard water stains from faucets by filling a plastic bag with white vinegar. Put the faucet head in the mixture and secure it with an elastic band. Leave it overnight.

Take off the bag the next morning. This trick works wonders in removing hard water deposits without even using expensive products. You can use white vinegar and warm soapy water to treat stains from other surfaces.

8. Use Lemon to Disinfect Cutting Boards

Do not use harsh chemicals and expensive disinfectants to kill germs from cutting boards. You can use lemon as well as salt. It works as a natural cleaning and disinfecting agent that can remove tough stains and kill germs as well as bad odours in no time.

9. Pay Attention to Hidden Areas

Make sure you clean the hidden areas of your kitchen once a week. The areas like inside the large appliances, inside the drawers, behind the fridge etc. Professional end of lease cleaners in Sydney deep clean every nook and cranny while preparing the rental property. Make sure you do the same whenever you thoroughly clean your kitchen.


These are nine best kitchen cleaning secrets from professional cleaners. You can transform your dirty kitchen into a sparkling beauty like a pro. These tricks will keep the germs at bay and help you get your bond back with ease.



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