Tips To Keep Your Home Cleaner, For Longer

Keeping a house clean and organised can be a physically draining task. From clearing up the mess to removing tough stains and grime, you need time and energy to achieve sparkling results.

Most people feel burdened with the amount of household chores, but it doesn’t have to take up all your precious time. Instead of spending your entire weekend, you can incorporate some good habits that can actually help you maintain a tidy home for longer. Good habits and great cleaning tips are the best things when it comes to promoting a healthy and hygienic living environment.

In case you are moving out of your rental property, hire trained people for an unmatched bond cleaning in Brisbane. They bring all the necessary products and tools to help you transform dirty premises into a shiny abode so that you can claim your bond back without any dispute.

However, if you are looking for some DIY cleaning tips, then read the article and learn how to keep a house clean all day long.

 1. Create a Cleaning Schedule

Sprucing up a house is not a one-time task. You need to make a routine and work according to that if you want to see positive outcomes for longer. It is good to add tasks that you need to do daily, such as dusting, mopping, sanitising, disinfecting, etc. When it comes to vacuuming carpets and rugs, you can do it twice a week.

This way, you can keep the house clean and organised all day long without a hint of stress. Split your small cleaning chores into daily, weekly and monthly routines so that you can keep it in a pristine condition all year round.

2. Make Your Bed Daily

Making the bed daily can make a huge difference in how clean the room looks. The best part is that it takes only 5-8 minutes. It is good to change the bed sheet, fold the duvets and properly arrange the pillows before going out for a work. This small effort can help you maintain a clean and organised bedroom all day long.

3. Act on Spills Immediately

Instead of using store-bought cleaners, you can apply a homemade cleaning agent (white vinegar + mild dishwashing liquid + warm water) wet the cloth and blot the affected surface. This will transfer the stain into the cloth. Repeat if required.

After that, sprinkle the generous amount of baking soda and let it sit for 2-4 hours before vacuuming.

4. Wipe Your Kitchen Countertop As You Cook

Do not forget to de-clutter your kitchen whenever you get time in between your cooking hours. Toss expired food items, empty packages and other unnecessary stuff to keep your kitchen look clean and organised.

Apart from that, always wipe down your countertop as you. This will prevent you from scrubbing tough stains and grease. You can use hydrogen peroxide or castile soap solution to get rid of stains, spills and oil splatters from the surface.

Tip: Never use white vinegar or any other acidic cleaning product on natural stone surfaces like granite or marble as it could damage the surface.

5. Pay Attention to Kitchen Appliances

Most people overlook their kitchen appliances, such as a microwave or an oven when you spruce up their kitchen. If you want to maintain the pristine look of your house longer, then wipe the appliances using natural cleaners.

You can add white vinegar, warm water and lemon extract in a microwavable bowl and put it inside your oven or microwave. Heat it for 4 minutes and switch off the appliance. Now, leave it for another 10 minutes to let the steam break down the built-up grease, stuck food particles and tough stains.

Next, dampen the cloth in this solution and wipe the interior walls and surface of your oven or microwave.

6. Bathroom Cleaning is Important

Most of the lethal germs and bacteria germs thrive in a dirty bathroom. From a showerhead to a bathtub, counters to a toilet seat, you need to clean every inch using the best tools and products.

Also, disinfect the high-touch areas of your house using the alcohol-based product to kill germs and viruses.

You can also hire seasoned bond cleaners in Brisbane if you are at the end of your tenancy and under a serious time crunch. They will make things easy for you at the best price.

7. Window and Blind Cleaning

Achieving a clean and sparkling house for longer is not only about scrubbing stains hard or treating mould and mildew. You also need to focus on important areas of your house. Windows and blinds are one of those things that can instantly enhance the overall look of your abode when you clean them.

Make your window glasses shine like a pro using water, white vinegar solution and a squeegee. Wipe the sills, frames and each blind to fetch dirt and dust.


These are some great tips to keep your house look clean and organised longer. Make sure you follow a routine and pay attention to important spots for effective results. Also, hire certified experts for the best bond cleaning in Brisbane and get your full security deposit back.

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