Simple Bond Cleaning Tips to Pass Your Property Inspection

There is no denying the fact that moving out of a rental house is one of the difficult and stressful tasks, especially if have a responsibility to return the premises in a pristine condition. As a tenant, you have to ensure that your leased property is as clean as the landlord expects it to be during the final inspection.

If you fail in doing so, you could lose a part of your bond money. According to the tenancy agreement, a landlord/real estate manager has the right to hold back the security deposits if you haven’t cleaned the property thoroughly. Half-baked end of lease cleaning is one of the common reasons behind the conflict between tenants and landlords in Australia.

This happens because most of the tenants don’t know what landlords usually look for during a property inspection and that is why most of the people hire a reliable service provider for bond cleaning in Australia. You can also do the same because professional and experienced cleaners know what exactly real estate managers look for when it comes to the end of lease cleaning.

So it is a good idea to hire well-trained bond cleaners for smooth and hassle-free moving-out inspection. In case, your budget is low, or you want to do it yourself, then keep the following end of lease cleaning tips in mind. These tricks will help you pass your property inspection with ease.

Let’s get started!

1. Prepare a cleaning Checklist

Bond Cleaning is one of those chores that need both physical and mental strength. It is not all about dusting, vacuuming or mopping the dirty areas. It is more of eliminating accumulated dust from carpet, de-greasing air vents, kitchen appliances and cleaning the cupboards, skirting boards and other nook and cranny of the premises thoroughly before the final inspection.

So, it is good to create a custom cleaning checklist so that you can mention everything that needs to be cleaned. This will not only save you time but also let you pass your property inspection.

Mention all the rooms, especially the stained surfaces inside your premises. Apart from this, make sure you include walls, kitchen countertops, sink, range hood, cupboards, bathroom doors, toilet seat, and faucets in your checklist.

Tip: Since it is a time-consuming task, you can also design a checklist by downloading a professional bond cleaning checklist approved by Australia’s leading real estate agents.

2. Start from the top

Most of the professional end of lease cleaners in Melbourne, Sydney and other regions of Australia always recommend people to start their cleaning process from the top of the premises. You should also do the same. This will help you cover all the areas inside the property and give you better clarity when you are doing it without any professional assistance.

It is good to start from the walls, ceiling fans, light fixtures and fittings, switchboards and then make your way to the doors, skirting boards, windows, carpet and floors. The process makes it super easy for you to prepare your rented house for the final inspection by your landlord.

3. Deep-Clean your Windows

A thorough bond cleaning means making your premises appear sparkling clean when the natural light passes in through crystal clear windows. So it is advised to remove all the dust particles and smudge marks using safe and sound window cleaning agent.

Use a clean and dry microfiber cloth or newspaper to wipe down your window glass. Clean grime from inside the frames and wipe clean the window sills as well.

Tip: It is good to hire a trusted bond cleaning company in Australia who can assist you in deep cleaning processes including the windows using eco-friendly products.

4. Leave carpet cleaning to the professionals

There is no rocket science in carpet cleaning but make sure you do it correctly. Usually, people use water to get rid of stubborn stains on carpets- this could make things worse. Instead of doing it yourself, you can leave this job to the professionals.

Hire professionally-trained cleaners who can bring back the original shine of your carpets using the best quality of cleaning products. They first remove the accumulated dust particles using a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner and fix the filthy areas leveraging a tried and tested stain removal technique.

5. Clean the walls

If you want to get your full bond money back and match your property condition report, then don’t forget to clean your walls thoroughly. Clean and stain-free walls will enhance the overall look of the property.

All you need to do is to dip a microfiber-head mop into a cleaning solution and warm water mixture and clean the walls from left to right, up to down. Thoroughly wash the walls and make them look sparkling.

6. Santise the kitchen and bathroom

There is no doubt that the kitchen is one of the dirtiest areas in a house and it needs to be cleaned and sanitised before the final inspection. So, make sure you remove all the dust, stains, spots and grease from kitchen countertops, range hood, sink, cupboards inside and out, walls, kitchen appliances, etc.

Don’t forget to sanitise them using an eco-friendly sanitiser. When it comes to bathroom cleaning, make sure you clean the vanity area, shower and bathtub, dust and sweep floors, remove soap scum and mildew from walls, disinfect the toilet seat and door handles.


Are you running at the end of your lease period and want to secure your full bond amount? Consider hiring an experienced bond cleaning company in Australia. They are well-versed with all the latest equipment and high-standard cleaning techniques to give you quality service with your full bond amount (Ts and Cs apply).

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