How to Clean and Sanitise Bathroom Before Moving out

Every nook and cranny of a rental property needs deep cleaning when you are at the end of your tenancy. There are tons of benefits of a clean and healthy home if you do it regularly. However, a bathroom is one of those areas in a home that requires more time and energy to achieve sparkling results.

Everything in your bathroom lurks with harmful bacteria and germs, from shower curtains to your counters, a toothbrush holder to a bathtub, tile grouts to a toilet sink. Some bacteria available on your grimy bathroom surfaces can be dangerous to humans, such as gram-positive cocci and antibiotic-resistant gram-negative rods- causing skin allergies, septicemia and pneumonia.

So, removing hard-water deposits, rust stains, and grime won’t be enough. You need to sanitise every contaminated surface using proper products before handing over your property to a landlord.

You also outsource a professional bond cleaning in Brisbane from a reliable company to get your bond back. They come fully equipped with approved cleaning products and cutting-edge tools to spruce up dirty and contaminated surfaces before the rental inspection.

 Here are some pro tips to help you clean and sanitise the bathroom before the final move-out. You can also achieve a sparkling result with these useful hacks.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Get Rid of Clutter

Before getting into the scrubbing process, you need to clear the mess and unnecessary items. Do the following things to de-clutter your bathroom:

  •         Change dirty hand and face towels
  •         Toss empty bottles of shampoos, conditioners, etc
  •         Remove the shower curtain- Wash it properly before using it again.
  •         Throw 3 months old toothbrushes and bring new ones.

Inspect the area properly and get rid of items that you no longer need or are not in use.

 2. Start With Your Shower

This is the best time to eliminate build-up grime, soap residue, and stubborn stains from your shower and glass doors. Put a bit of elbow grease and use safe and sound products to bring back the lost shine of your showerhead. Here you can use a homemade solution by mixing white vinegar, dishwashing liquid and warm water into a spray bottle.

You can also soak your showerhead in the same solution overnight. All you need is a plastic bag so that you can soak and tie the head. Spraying the solution for 10 minutes can also do a wonderful job for you. Use an abrasive sponge to remove mildew out of your shower walls.

You can also apply baking soda if the stain still persists and leave it for another 10 minutes. After that, rinse the area with plain water and buff dry using a clean and dry cloth.

Tip: Use a squeegee over your shower glass to get rid of excess water and solution residue.

 3. Deep Clean and Disinfect Your Bathtub

A dirty bathtub could breed harmful germs and bacteria that cause severe health-related problems. It is important to remove soap scum, mineral deposits, and rust stains from a tub using hydrogen peroxide and warm water solution.

Three per cent of hydrogen peroxide and warm water can work wonders when it comes to removing stubborn stains. To disinfect or kill germs, you can either use an approved disinfectant or just sprinkle a generous amount of baking soda.

It has anti-bacterial properties that will help you eliminate germs, bacteria, and viruses. Make sure you scrub off the surface and rinse it with plain water.

 4. Pay Attention To a Toilet Bowl

Deep clean your toilet bowl before disinfecting using proper products and tools. Pour white vinegar and warm water solution into the toilet bowl and other areas. Leave it for a few minutes and scrub off using a toilet cleaner to remove hard water stains, grime, rust, mineral deposits, and other stains.

Repeat the process until you receive sparkling results. You can also spray a disinfectant product or a cleaning solution with at least 70 percent alcohol concentration. Cover the area like a toilet bowl, flush handles, etc.

Being a hotspot for germ infestation, make sure you deep clean and disinfect your toilet before the rental inspection if you want to retrieve your rental property.

You can look for the most trusted bond cleaners in Brisbane if you are not sure how to carry out the cleaning chores.

 5. Tile Grout

 Have you ever witnessed nasty and yellow lines in between your bathroom tiles? Tile grout can harbour nasty stains, mould, and mildew that can become stubborn if you don’t clean it regularly. Well, you can try this tried-and-tested hack for your filthy bathroom tiles.

In the first step, apply hot soapy water to the tile grout, spray white vinegar solution, and let it sit for half an hour. Now, pour some baking soda and scrub it using an old toothbrush. Leave it for another 20 minutes before rinsing.

 6. Wipe Hard Surfaces

 Do not forget to clean counters, towel rails, faucets, and a toothbrush holder to kill germs and bacteria. Spray the solution and wipe surfaces using a clean microfiber cloth. Polish your mirror and run a squeegee to achieve a streak-free result.

 7. Deeply Clean Your Bathroom Floors

Vacuuming floors won’t help you remove stains and grime. You need to deeply mop the floor using a microfiber mop and plain water. Keep the door and windows open during the cleaning process and prepare your bathrooms for the final inspection.

Make sure you use non-abrasive products and tools to clean your marble floors and achieve the best possible outcomes.


Deep clean and disinfect your bathroom because it is a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria. This will help you impress a fussy landlord, and you will get the full bond back. You can also hire experts for a detailed bond cleaning in Brisbane, Queensland, for the entire rental property and experience a seamless service.


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