Common Household Cleaning Products You Should Never Mix

There is a big misconception that you will get sparkling outcomes by mixing different household cleaning products. However, the truth is quite horrifying. Mixing common cleaning agents can produce toxic fumes that can be harmful to the environment as well as your health.

Even when two products are safe to use, you should avoid mixing them because you can’t put your family’s life at risk. If you are planning to clean up your entire house, make a complete checklist and do a bit research before using any cleaning agent.

It is good to hire professionals for end-to-end bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast if you want to return the rental premises in pristine condition at the end of your tenancy. They use safe and sound cleaning products to drive out tough stains, built-up grease, grime and other debris from almost all surfaces.

For daily household chores, you can try out some pro cleaning hacks and transform your messy and dirty premises into a glory.  Below are some common household cleaning products that you should avoid mixing. Keep these in mind while preparing stain or grease removal at home.

1. Bleach and Vinegar

Both the cleaning products work wonders in treating tough stains and grime when you use them individually.  But, you should never mix bleach and vinegar together. This can produce chlorine gas, which can be harmful to your respiratory system.

Coughing, burning sensation in a throat, eye irritation, shortness of breath are some of the common causes if you mix them together. Instead, you can prepare a cleaning agent by mixing white vinegar in warm water to remove stubborn stains from different surfaces.

2. Baking Soda and Vinegar

These are the most common cleaning products that can help you get rid of grease, grime, mould and mildew naturally. These two products when used individually can clean and disinfect almost all the surfaces in your house. But, mixing them can cause the baking soda to foam up, which could explore and produce harmful fumes.

Vinegar is acidic in nature while baking soda is basic. When you put them together, you will just have water which won’t help you remove stains and grime. It is best to clean the surface using vinegar and water solution and wipe off the stain. After that, sprinkle baking soda to see desired results.

3. Ammonia and Bleach

Make sure you check the label before buying any cleaning product from the market. Most of the store-bought cleaners contain ammonia. So, try to avoid mix ammonia or ammonia-based cleaning agent with bleach.

The combination of two creates toxic gas that can cause respiratory damage, eye irritation and throat burns. If you mix these two in excess, it will produce a highly toxic and explosive liquid which is not good at all for your health.

Tip: Take professional assistance for a safe and sound bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast if you want the best result and pass your final inspection.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar

White vinegar and hydrogen peroxide are used to clean dishwashers. Vinegar can break down all the stains and grease while hydrogen peroxide can kill mould and mildew from almost every surface.

But you should never mix these two products. It does produce a weak acid and creates eye, skin, and respiratory irritation.

5. Rubbing Alcohol and Bleach

Don’t forget that chlorine bleach can be very harmful. Avoid mixing these two products to prepare an effective cleaning agent. Instead of disinfecting the surface, it can create a chloroform-like compound that can cause irritation to the skin and eyes.

Rubbing alcohol should be diluted in the water while removing ink or other tough stains from your carpets and other surfaces. So, be careful while preparing household cleaning agents.

6. Two Different Brands

Do not experiment by combining two different brands of cleaning products as it can produce dangerous gases. It is good to check labels while purchasing cleaning products. In fact, focus on creating cleaning products on your own after doing proper research because market-based products contain hazardous chemicals.

7. Bleach and Other Store-Bought Cleaning Agent

Market-based glass cleaners, stain remover, dishwashing detergents, toilet cleaners and other cleaning products contain toxic elements. You should never mix them with bleach as the combination creates chlorine gas or fumes. The worst part is that the minimal exposure of bad fumes can cause serious respiratory issues.

Key Safety Tips While Cleaning Your House

Keeping a house clean and hygienic should be your topmost priority. Make sure you follow all the safety measures while using cleaning products. Below are some key points that will help you stay safe throughout the process.

  • Always keep cleaning products in their original bottles with real labels.
  • Do not use chemical-based cleaning products.
  • Stop using bleach and ammonia in your home.
  • If you use them, wear gloves and mask and keep the windows open.
  • Never mix ammonia-based cleaning agents with vinegar and baking soda.
  • Maintain the highest safety standards and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Keep cleaning products away from your children and pets.
  • Wash your hands after cleaning the house.


Be careful while preparing cleaning agents at home. You should never mix these household cleaning products because the combination can be dangerous. You can take assistance from professionals who can perform thorough bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast in a safe and sound manner. Take their help and create your own cleaning agent using natural ingredients.













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