5 Common Pressure Washing Mistakes To Avoid

Over the years, pressure washing has become popular as it allows deep cleaning of heavily soiled and dirty household surfaces or fixtures. High water jetting machines and systems can effectively and efficiently clean house sidings, driveways, garage floors, decks, fences, outdoor furniture and much more.

Therefore, many tenants avail pressure washing services along with end of lease cleaning services in Australia. Homeowners too avail such services during renovations and additions, before a paint job and when planning to sell their house to increase its curb appeal.

For quick and regular cleaning of your home’s exterior surface and fixtures, you can invest in a pressure washing equipment. However, it is important you use the equipment correctly and avoid the five common mistakes mentioned below. Have a look.

1. Using Only Water To Clean

High water jetting can remove build-up and embedded dirt, algae, mould, or other contaminants, but you need to use a cleaner too for the best results. Expert end of lease cleaners in Australia use pressure washing machines with water and cleaning solution inlets and outlets.

Thus, they can spray the cleaner first and then wash the residues and grime with water. When only water is used for pressure washing, surfaces/fixtures become dirty or soiled again quickly, and you increase the chances of spreading mould spores.

2. Cleaning Without Proper Technique

While using a pressure washing machine, you need to work with the proper technique to get optimum results. Here are some things to keep in mind.
• Always clean top to bottom, as the cleaning solution and water will drip down, and the cleaned areas will not get re-contaminated.
• When you clean randomly, there is a scope of missing spots where mould, algae and other microbes can develop.
• Give cleaning solutions proper dwell time to work. Read the back label to know how long the product requires to dissolve and remove stains, spots or grime.

3. Not Reading The User Manual

High-pressure water jetting can damage surfaces and fixtures if the machine is used incorrectly. To clean household areas without chipping the paint or tarnishing the outer layer, you need to control the pressure and read the user manual carefully for instructions.

Refer to the manual to learn about the machine’s function, parts, on/off buttons, inlets, outlets, nozzle etc. Without thoroughly understanding the usage and safety instructions in the user guide, you can risk self-harm and serious injuries. Therefore, make sure you don’t lack knowledge while using the pressure washing machine.

4. Using Too Much Pressure

Usually, the first instinct of every non-specialist trying to clean their household surface and fixtures with high water jetting equipment is to use the highest pressure. However, it is a rookie mistake that can cause irreversible damage. When inserted at high speed, water can gouge out wood decking, carve lines in the sidings, remove paint from fixtures, and cause several other types of harm.

Tenants using pressure washing machines at the end of tenancy should be careful as any damage can make them lose their bond money. If required, it is best to hire professional end of lease cleaners in Australia to pressure wash the exterior areas of the rental property.

They can manage the risks from using a high-pressure water jetting machine and safely perform cleaning tasks. Homeowners should also take the assistance of professional cleaners in case they are unsure about using a high water jetting machine.

5. Trying To Clean the Entire Exterior Of The House

Although modern pressure cleaning machines are designed to save the user time and energy, undertaking the responsibility of washing the entire exterior of the house is challenging and physically strenuous.

Washing the driveway, deck, patio, outdoor furniture, sidings, entryway, and other exterior areas/fixtures can take hours. For tenants at the end of a tenancy or homeowners, spending the time, effort and energy it takes to pressure wash the whole residence are not worth it.

Therefore, find a good cleaning company at the end of a tenancy  or before selling the house to hire expert bond cleaners in Australia who can pressure wash your property and make it look as good as new. The professionals work in teams and use modern equipment that help complete tasks quickly and get optimum results.

While the professionals pressure wash your home you can focus on other household commitments or manage moving-related tasks if you plan to vacate a house.

The Bottom Line

Pressure washing is excellent for sprucing your house common pressure washing and increasing its curb appeal if you plan to sell the property. It is also useful for getting your bond back if the landlord or previous tenant had hired professional bond cleaners in Australia to deep clean and pressure wash the property. However, if you want to do it yourself, make sure to avoid the five mistakes mentioned above and sanitise your home without any hassle or stress.

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