10 Things to Clean Before Christmas for a Stress-Free Holiday

Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The festival is all about singing carols, digging into delicious recipes, hosting parties, enjoying cakes and cookies, meeting old friends and celebrating the eve.

Before that, make sure you deep clean your abode from top to bottom. It is one of the imperative aspects because nobody wants to welcome guests in a dirty or messy home. Make the most of your holidays and spruce up a house before Christmas.

Tackle accumulated dust from hard-to-reach areas, treat mould and mildew, disinfect cross-contaminated spots and get rid of lurking odours to achieve sparkling results. If you are moving out of a rental property during the festive season, book experts for a meticulous end of lease cleaning Hobart and stay relaxed.

They will handle even the complicated cleaning chores with precision, and that’s why tenants hire them. If you want to present a clean house before Christmas for a stress-free holiday, pay attention to these 10 things:

1. Get Rid of Clutter

This is the best time to purge unnecessary household items. You can go on a decluttering spree at least 3 weeks before Christmas. This way, you can sort items and donate pre-loved items, such as old clothing, furniture pieces, books, blankets and other things in good condition to the local charity in Hobart.

Inspect all rooms, cupboards, drawers, kitchen cabinets, closets, storage unit, etc, to identify items you no longer need. It will make your house look spacious and aesthetically appealing as well.

2. Oven Cleaning is Must

Do you bake cookies and cake and prepare pasta in your oven? When preparing a house for Christmas, pay attention to your filthy oven. The interiors usually accumulate food splatters, spills, grease and stubborn stains. Remove racks from the appliance and soak them in hot soapy water. Meanwhile, spray white vinegar and soapy water solution inside your oven, except for the heating coils.

Leave it for a few minutes. You can also apply a thick layer of baking soda paste to eliminate built-up grease. Now, take a damp cloth and wipe every nook and cranny. Make sure you remove burnt food particles and sauce splatters from your much-loved oven’s racks, interiors and exteriors.

3. Sparkle Clean Your Bathroom

From unpleasant mould stains to stubborn calcium deposits, a bathroom regularly witnesses. To prepare it for Christmas,  deep clean every nook and cranny using safe and sound products. Here is a brief cleaning checklist for your bathroom(s):

  • Check all nooks and hidden areas for damage due to leakage or mould
  • Clean the shower head, shower curtain and walls
  • Wipe the glass door
  • Scrub tiles and grout lines
  • Remove calcium deposits and soap scum from a bathtub
  • Clean and disinfect toilet inside and out
  • Clean sink and polish the tapware
  • Replace dirty doormat

Hiring credible end of lease cleaners in Hobart can help you save hard-earned bond money if vacating the rental apartment. They can help you clean and sanitise bathroom before moving out in no time.

4. Restore the Lustre of your Carpet

Do you want to enjoy the Christmas holidays? Plan your cleaning routine ahead of time and include your carpet, as it embeds dust particles, grime, grease and harmful germs that can pollute indoor air quality.

Vacuum your carpet using a heavy-duty machine. Use a HEPA-filter vacuum to fetch tiny dust particles, pet hair and allergens with ease. You can also outsource a steam carpet cleaning service in Hobart to remove mould, stubborn stains, grease and germs without causing any damage.

5. Clean Your Refrigerator

Another kitchen appliance needs to be cleaned thoroughly before Christmas so you can free up space for all the fresh food.

So, turn off your appliance and defrost your freezer. Take everything out and spray white vinegar and hot soapy water solution. This will break down stubborn stains and make it easy to wipe down the surface. Clean the racks, interior walls, shelves and exterior areas for sparkling results.

6. Sparkle Your Sliverware

Take your exclusive silver dining set out for the special occasion. Make sure you clean and polish it thoroughly. Use toothpaste over the silverware and rub it thoroughly. After 10 minutes, wash them in running water. This will bring back the lost shine of your sliver cutlery.

7. Clean All Cabinets

Do not forget the kitchen cabinets for a stress-free holiday. Get rid of expired, broken and empty items. Remove all content from a pantry and de-clutter them. Check for moths and weevils.

Wipe the surface inside and out using a cloth dampened in a soapy water solution. Repeat the process until you achieve the best possible results. Make sure you clean your kitchen without using chemicals or harsh cleaners for effective results.

8. Freshen Up Mattress and Bed Linens

It is always good to prepare your guest room for unexpected gusts. So, it is good to deep clean this area by considering the following tips:

  • Remove unwanted stuff from your bedroom
  • Vacuum your mattress
  • Wash your bed linens
  • Change the sheet
  • Place fresh towels

9. Windows

Wash your windows inside and out to achieve sparkling results. Remove dust from sills and frames. To clean the glass, spray all-purpose cleaner to fetch dust and grime. Wipe the surface with a clean rag or run a squeegee to achieve sparkling results.

10. Floors

Whether you have hardwood or tile flooring, make sure you sweep and mop it to get rid of loose debris, dust and dirt. Spot clean the surface if you see spills and stains.


Keep these simple yet effective tips in mind and clean 10 areas before Christmas for a stress-free holiday. You can also hire professionals for detailed end of lease cleaners in Hobart and get your full bond back without any dispute.

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